What began in 1985 as a volleyball fundraiser for Easter Seals has turned into a career of creating marketing solutions for various companies.  The Life’s a Beach Party held at the Illinois State Fairgrounds from 1985 to 1991 was the educational foundation for In Touch Marketing Solutions.  This event led them through event creation and business management to corporate marketing work as well as various motorsports racing programs, boating safety consultants, and renewable fuel promotions to name a few.  “We get up everyday and go to work not knowing what requests or challenges we will face based on our clients needs.  Our motto is there is no normal course for doing extraordinary things”, says Tad Whitten. 

This is certainly a fast paced industry that requires creativity, hard work and great teamwork.  As we step back and look at our client history and paths we created we wonder where the energy came from but are humbled by the people we worked with and the reputation that followed each project’s journey.

Beach Party Volleyball
Beach Party Tug of War
Beach Party Van